P1011719What do you mean by ‘spirituality’?

In this space you will find a bit about prayer, spiritual identity, exploring God’s Holy Spirit, Scripture, befriending the Saints and shepherding children in their God-sized discoveries.

Each of these threads is part of a larger tapestry of faith. And when we approach a tapestry we have choices. We can follow each thread for its unique contribution to the whole. We can step back and focus on the overall beauty of the tapestry of the Christian life. Or, on a bad day, we can get lost behind the scenes of God’s handiwork and get tangled up in knots, loose threads and stray bits of spirituality.

No matter where you start,  we invite you to gaze on the central image of this artwork, Jesus Christ. We invite you to find your place, beside Jesus, along with the multitude of his followers throughout all of human history.  We invite you to be part of this living tapestry, which is the whole Body of Christ here on earth.

Here is our current list of speaking engagements.